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Vision & Mission

Our Vision
The Department looks forward to a more dynamic future in which its activities-teaching, research and outreach programmes as well as community works – would become more directly relevant to the socio-economic and spatial development needs of Ghana, Africa, and other developing economies.  To be able to pursue these, the Department’s vision of the future as well as its role and mission can be encapsulated in reorganization and expansion in the short, medium and long terms, the Department will need to reorganize itself by properly and judiciously assigning staff, especially in areas more critical to the development needs of the country.  This will involve strengthening and improving teaching at the undergraduate level. At the postgraduate level, the task would be to continuously improve existing courses, building staff capacity which will lead to the development of new programmes, including doctoral studies, in the long term.

Our Mission Statement
The Department is the only professionally recognized institution by Government in the country which trains skilled personnel to promote, coordinate and manage development at the national and sub-national levels.  The Department’s philosophy of “Development Planning” is an integrated process of political, social, economic and spatial dimensions which affect the quality of life of all people. The Department’s approach in tackling development problems is therefore interdisciplinary, reflecting the multi-dimensional nature of development problems. 

The Department’s main mission is therefore to train skilled personnel required to formulate and manage various development policies and programmes at all levels of national development such as the National Vision of Socio-Economic Development which is required by the 1992 Constitution. The economic management programme, the Poverty Reduction Strategies as well as the on-going decentralization policy, and to promote and implement the improved planning system.

To be able to adequately meet the foregoing demand, the Department’s policy is to broaden and strengthen the range of programmes offered to achieve the following goals:

  1. To augment its service to government and the nation in development planning and administration with particular reference to national economic management, decentralization and accelerated growth strategy;
  2. To limit the need to rely upon out of the country resources for postgraduate studies; and
  3. To offer programmes on all–Africa basis to provide an international centre for planning education and to generate income for the Department