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  • One of Africa's Leading Planning Schools
    We promote planning and development policies and
    practices at a global, national and local levels.
  • Delivering Excellent Research Outputs
    We use emerging planning and development approaches
    to deliver outputs with International Standards.
  • Your creative assistant
    We are a global branding agency helping companies to communicate
    through vision and imagination.


Prof. Clifford Amoako

Welcome to the Department of Planning

I welcome you to the Department of Planning, the first and leading Planning School in Ghana and West Africa!  Established in 1958, immediately after Ghana’s independence in 1957, the Department trained urban and regional planners who were tasked to design the spatial, social and economic future of the emerging nation.

For over 60 years, the Department of Planning has trained hundreds of urban, regional and economic planners across the West African sub-region, and is counted among the best planning schools on the continent. It is a founding member of the Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS) and has produced the Chair of its Steering Committee for two consecutive terms. 

Currently, the Department offers two undergraduate and eight postgraduate programmes as follows:

Undergraduate Programmes:

  • BSc. Human Settlement Planning
  • BSc. Development Planning Read More