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Our Statement of Objectives
The Department’s objectives, which are in line with national objectives for tertiary education and the University expectations, are as outlined below.

  1. To provide cost-effective training of students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  2. To train personnel in support of national development policies and programmes of decentralization, rationalization of planning services and grassroots development;
  3. To improve access of women to programmes in the Department at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  4. To intensify DoP’s extra mural activities through distance education, continuing education and provision of further assistance to needy communities and districts;
  5. To provide in-service training needs tailored to meet the requirements of sectoral ministries, Regional Coordinating Councils, District Assemblies, parastatals, various private sector organizations including NGO’s, through continuing education;
  6. andTo gradually localize postgraduate training by increasing intake of students to enable them specialize in fields critical to overall national development and economic management.