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Department of Planning Lecturers

This cluster focuses on analysing and promoting effective governance models, processes and tools to deliver sustainable urban development in line with current global trends (e.g., Sustainable Development Goals). The cluster aims to create an evidence base of practical knowledge and expertise involved in researching and delivering urban governance, alongside evaluation of such practices, to enable impact on education and policy, gender and empowerment, and inequality and poverty. The cluster has the aim to deliver more inclusive, participatory and effective governance, particularly in relation to the three universal trends of: gender and empowerment; poverty dynamics and inequality; and social justice. Areas of research focus include:

Politics and planning; Participatory urbanism to empower citizen; Fostering partnerships and empowering women; urban safety and security; Prevention of urban violence, urban conflict and peace-building; Land governance, Decentralization; Poverty, Vulnerability and Social inclusion; Community participation in urban planning;